National Festival of Tolerance

This year’s seven-day annual festival, which begins on the 14thof November and runs until the 20 of November 2021, is a national occasion to celebrate the ‘International Day for Tolerance’ and promote the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, and human fraternity based on Zayed’s legacy. It is organized by the Ministry of Tolerance in cooperation with several federal, local, and private bodies, and in active participation with the executive councils in all emirates of the country. This year’s festival will include a week of community activities and artistic and intellectual activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, the acceptance of others, and celebrating the nation’s peace and harmony.


14 November 2021

Day 1

Tolerance Clubs in Universities

15 November 2021

Day 2

Dialogue with Fashion Designers

16 November 2021

Day 3

  • Global Tolerance Alliance
  • Creating Care Economies
  • Global Interfaith Summit
  • Voices of Tolerance
  • Champions of Tolerance
  • Global Youth Forum

17 November 2021

Day 4

The role of women around the world in
promoting the values of coexistence

18 November 2021

Day 5

Little Champion Program
Poetry Evening

20 November 2021

Day 6

Tolerance Journey arrival at Expo as a part of the Zayed Trail of Tolerance