Eshraqat Tolerance Enriched Learning

A unique knowledge festival in terms of its mission, activities and goals, embodying the fact that tolerance is knowledge, and that the values of tolerance represented in knowing others, dialogue and respect while accepting pluralism, diversity, peace and other human values that celebrate and promote coexistence, become possible through knowledge.
Eshraqat day 1-90

What is Eshraqat Festival?

An educational and knowledge festival that takes place over three days, during which a wide range of events, programs and activities, are held mainly concerned with students, everyone working in the educational field, and the general public

What are the areas of the festival?

The festival includes highlights in various fields, including:

  • Eshraqat Discussions: Panel discussions on specific topics between guests and students
  • Eshraqat Literature: Story Reading and poetry
  • Eshraqat Influencers: Open
  • Encounters with Writers and Influencers
  • Eshraqat Training: Training workshops in various fields
    Eshraqat Technology: technology programs, software and applications Various artistic highlights and workshops
Eshraqat day 1-173